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A girl who doesn't mind being a nerd. I know things that most people my age would go HUH? why ya know that? and my answer is Boredom and the ability to read and research :) I love learning new things and meeting new people so if you don't mind books..I can be an open book on some subjects but others are rare finds so it takes time to get to those subjects.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Premiere

We went last night to the premiere of Alice in Wonderland it was awesome!
I dressed as the Red Queen and Hachi dressed as the Mad Hatter. It was great a movie! When we arrived everyone was like OMG! And asked to take pics with us which was cool! I know it was nice to do something different.

Now onto today!

People are severe jerks-I am seriously boggled at the fact if you are a lesbian for some reason they aer all angry and violent. I mean its like one bit of miss speak and you have a lesbian trying to shove their foot down your throat. I don't understand this. But anyways. Gary is sick today fun fun...so nothing neat today to do.. I guess video games? And tomorrow research on my paper for Honors and article research. I seriously need to look for classes for Fall 2010. I don't know yet. Well I need to jump in the shower. I feel icky and I want a shower and a nap. Might as well. *sighs*

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