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Friday, August 9, 2013

The Countdown begins.....

Well today I went and got my textbooks for class. Robbery I say Robbery! Its ridiculous how much books cost. One of my books is an older book but still cost me 150.00. Really? Ugh. Its so hot outside today, and I missed lunch. My usual lunch companion couldn't make lunch. Hmm I hope he at least got some resemblance of food today. So I almost over heated. I had on jeans and a jersey shirt- too hot. Now I'm in shorts and a tee.

Lets see---ah I managed to get Lonnie's split pants done. No tunic not yet. My plan is maybe to get that done today. I have company over on Saturday so no sewing then. I got all my mending done now its just the need to finish up tunics. I need to make one for Draziel and Galene (lonnie). I really don't do so well on tunics...hence I don't sew them. ;) Split pants pssh! I can pump them out in no time. 

I watched my page/bestfriend sew a t tunic for the first time. He did a dang good job. He did a french seam for the first time. For him trying something he's never done before he did really great. He loves it and he has a shirt to go with his monk. So :) kudos!

SO I must either play sims 3 or continue getting ready for class Monday......crud I have to put points in on the 6 point day. Then sims...i mean then I will finish getting ready. ;)

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