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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sewing and New Addition

So last night while I was trying to figure out what to get Odin for his birthday/Christmas, a friend of ours told me a friend of theirs needed to find a home for a 2 year old Glider named Bucket...so I told Skate to ask if they still needed a home. Find out today they did! And with the help of Bill (promises to work at his house and lots of squeeing...I was even told to slow down because I was so excited) I was able to meet Patricia (Bucket's mommy) and get Bucket. So far so good...him and Odin checked each other out through the cage walls. Can 't mix them quite yet. First we have to let them deal with each other's smell for a bit then...then its neutral territory. Probably the bedroom so they can bounce on the bed.....easier for us to catch them lol..

Right now I am letting Bucket chill and get use to the new smells. Tomorrow...we are trying pouch time. I am gonna make a new pouch just for him and when its finished I'm gonna let him check it out. I have to make a few more items but atm I am done for the night.

You think I was an alien today with the animals. Once I started sewing they decided I was the coolest thing in the house and they had to see what I was doing...lay on everything *cats* and try to get moma's attention by barking at every little noise in the house *Athena*. So I've had many events today of chasing animals off my fabric telling puppy to hush its just the wind. Ah the life of a furry moma.

Today I made a no sew trampoline for the boys. Its gonna stay out of both their cages so it will be a neutral toy for then when they do get together. I need to make a couple more blankies, corner nooks, and work on their teepee I am wanting to fix.

I've made Odin a new cage pouch its got flames and dragons...with an orange inside. I think he will like it. I've got him in his new pouch which he approves of because he climbed in looked around curled up and chirped. So I got the seal of approval.

I've been awake since early this morning so I think I will be crashing soon because I am very tired. Hence the done for the night on sewing. Sewing and sleepy equals bad things. I already messed up on boxed corners tonight so I was like finish the pouch and turn machine off. I will work on some more stuff tomorrow :)

But thats pretty much my day :) I hope to post a few pics later. I have to download them to the pc-so check back again.

Now time to curl up on the couch with Athena and Odin.. Bucket time tomorrow. I don't want to over whelm him with a new environment. Slow and steady! Maybe watch Kung Fu Panda 2 again..I need some laughs right about now to wake me up!

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