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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 out the door....here comes 2012

Well 2011 was a great year :) Me and Gary enjoyed our time together with all the schedule changes and juggling my homework with time together. It was hard to find alone time with 2 others in the house but we managed :)

Treatment of my condition is going well ;) We had a small scare last week-we were afraid I might be diabetic or hypoglycemic I know two opposites but we had no clue which it may be. Thank the Lord it wasn't either...but my medicine. 

I think I am going to keep up with my pics and such a bit better for next year :) I've started back blogging but lately there hasn't been much going on but Sims 3, work, Oblivion and much needed rest. I am ready for the new semester to start back :)

Maybe I can find some pics to post later....but theres not much...just recently got back into taking pictures...people in my house hate pictures.. POO on them lol.

But mainly I have my love and we are well and happy so that is all that matters to me!

lets see how our months went this year :)

I decided short and bright would do me for the beginning of the year :)

Taking pics of me in my new glasses.....I like it ;)

Most of the family avoided the camera this month.....said they needed to lose the Holiday pounds.....so heres some cute pics I picked for them on this month...

Gary went through a lot with me but he prevailed and loves me for me :)

Jasmine....had early classes....and remembered...It was Monday!

The month of Love :) and CANDY!

Us girls would get quite bored...and well Our poor animals paid for the boredom...

This is also the month  I was thinking on my new tattoo....I already have two... my 
Paw Print.

  and my Koi that was tatted in memory of my Mom Matilda

The new tatt I was thinking of..heres the image I was working off of....
I was dreaming of foxes... did so for a couple of nights back to back SOOO I decided a fox needed to be added to my set of tattoos.

Heres the actual tattoo :)

Me and Gary decided to go to Tallahassee for Valentines Weekend
Not such a great hair cut lol! My hair had grown out :)

Our Outfits for dinner at Olive Garden!

We went shopping at Crystal Connection and shopped...We got all kinds of goodies!

March came around!

 Gary trying to figure out his iPod...

Don't kill me Bill you had to be added :) You were part of my year :)
Bill going What? ....one of our coffee nights... ;)

Me and Gary celebrated our 2 year anniversary!

 Us watching the doggie do tricks at the Azalea Festival :)

We discovered if you said Kitty kitty to Athena she would howl for ya :)

April ....

Well here is where I decided I needed to change my look again so... I got some wigs...

So I wore wigs for a bit... trying to see if I wanted to stay short or go long....

Doing homework was a challenge every night because my Crybaby wanted to help by laying on my books...


May came ...We got to attend Anieyssa's Chorus Production

Odin got his day in photo ops...

Can't you tell who my best subjects are...the animals!

Classes.....never ending...........went from Spring Semester into Maymester and Summer Semester.....*cringes* I will never do that again!

But my Baby never fails me :) We had fun being together and visiting family ,,,


Well June I had class but I tried to find time for others.... busy busy...

Another pet cameo...Crybaby fell in love with a box that my shoes came in...

I got to watch my honey and Athena chill in the chair playing facebook and games lol


I got to meet my nephew Gavin for the first time!

This month we also had a new addition to our Family! His name is DUSTY
and he love drinking out of the toilet....go fig he is a boy

We decided to go to El Casador to eat and me and Julie decided to have a Margarita... lets say me and Julie didn't finish our Margaritas...

I started doing our family tree this month. Finding out a lot about our family.

I also Got my iPad! *Woot* I totally enjoyed getting it. No more notebooks for me at school. Completely paperless...well almost some classes I still need a note book. 

There was several late night yummy visits to Waffle House and Denny's

My yummies

Julies yummies
When we went to Denny's me and Julie saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile. Me and Christy saw it earlier that day.....so here it is.!

Well September brought more stress for classes...but me and Julie and Jasmine relaxed....its called Margarita night at Las Bandaras... :)

Anita, Julie and Jasmine trying to finish off Julie's drink...

Our tip to the waiter lol..Jasmine's belt broke so we left it as a tip ... Rainbow tastic!

Then there was the nights we decided we needed food at home...it is called Pizza Night!

I decided to let Julie and Jasmine fix pizza for the first time.. it was awesome to watch them cook...and hilarious when they found out I was taking pics.

Then we had some fun with Lonnie and Christie...chilling at the HOliday Inn...no seriously we were :)

Then there was the tattoo craze again. I decided to get two dragons a blue one for Gary and a green one for me :)

Homework was still a bit challenging...

My Birthday was this month..things went well... October still isn't a great month for me...but It is getting better.

Anieyssa came to visit... always on the phone....or iPod.....or Pc.. lol...

Then of course there was Halloween...

For more pics you can go to Gary's Facebook lol....I felt awful on Halloween...I was so sick that weekend

November was the month of my Bubba Ty's birthday :)

So he came and spent some time with me....and well we were bored and who gets it the most....


I also went to to an job interview...and I stared at men's underwear for almost an hour

I managed to get the job!!! Yeah!!@ it helps....


Last month of the year....things have been well busy and laid back at the same time.

Well there has been fun...Oblivion...me listening to music and my Husband being my husband...


Well Christmas was great... I got a gift I didn't expect. I fell in  love with this necklace from work. I squee-ed to my husband and best friend Bill. Showed Bill the necklace ... well they went shopping for me for Christmas. I wasn't suppose to know where they went. But when they come back, I was leaving... well Gary's phone told on him lol. He has a text to speak app on his phone and well he set up the shop your way rewards...well it sent a text... 

So I was like you went to Sears.. YOu didn't! And he did!

Its beautiful! I almost cried...Almost lol! It was perfect though!

We did Christmas with my family and things went great we were big kids with Gavin. Babies do that to ya!

And thats the end...with me, Gary and Bill having a drink and vegging out on Oblivion!

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