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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All is quiet .. through the house

Well I slept in today. I woke up and then convinced Gary to come to bed-it was very early/late for him to be up still. Plus a sleeping husband on the couch isn't very good conversation. But I nap for a bit, then wake up to my cat Dusty loving on me. So we had a moment of me wallowing him and loving on him. We even had a bit of tug of war when I tried to get out of bed, apparently someone was enjoying being loved on a lot more than he was making out to be.

I need to do chores like wash my laundry! Bleh I hate doing laundry. But it must be done.
Pretty much I am not amused by having to do  laundry.

I wanted to bake bread today but I have no milk. So I will have to go to the store to get milk before I can bake bread. I really want to do a loaf for this lady we helped last Tuesday. We were sitting outside on the porch and saw her walking..but she looked distraught and kinda lost. Plus ever chance she got she was leaning against something to rest. I wanted to go and help her but I could not drive (new medicine not allow to drive on during first few doses-ok to drive now ;) )
So I gave Gary the keys and had him go check on her.

She was apparently going home but wasn't clear on how far it was when she started out. So Gary helped her into our car and took her home. On the way to Bill's we saw she was sitting outside on her porch still so we stopped to check on her again. She couldn't get her door to unlock. Gary being the wonderful man he is he went up the stairs and unlocked her door. Now the worst thing about all of this is the poor woman had a healing broken arm and was unable to get around good and as I said before stairs-she lived upstairs in an apartment. Gary said she didn't have much for furniture-but the sweet woman asked did he want to do coffee-she wanted to buy him coffee for being so nice to her.

So I want to continue being nice by maybe taking her some homemade bread and some jam ;) But we are a little tight on money so I may do it Friday when we get paid. First thing Friday, then a trip to Goodwill for fabric....well sheets. They make the best jammies!

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  1. OMG, I bet jammies made out of sheets are to DIE for :)
    P.S. so kind of you guys to help the lady, hope she is doing better now