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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mid Evening Nap

Hello everyone :) Well it was TGIF lol but I happened to fall asleep snuggling with the cat. Let me rewind and go back to where the day begun. I had my classes :) Which were great today. I found out I really  need to study my numbers in spanish and maybe even start writing in Spanish more often. So fair warning there may be a Spanish blog-I will translate thou :)

In between my two classes I removed Gary's battery from his car and went and got him a new one. After Spanish it took me and Jasmine both to get it changed but us girls prevailed! Girl Power!! Lol....Nah I just wanted to do something nice for Gary. So I decided what the heck I haven't gotten to be mechanical in a long time so why not@!? Jasmine thought it was neat I let her help but truth be told, i don't think I coulda got it out and in without her help SO thanks Hachi!

After the battery was installed I went and got my nails done. I know I know I go all tomboy and change the battery then go all girlie and get my nails done. But I wanted my nails to look nice for my second interview today. So I got a french manicure :) I will post a pic of them tomorrow. :)

OMG we found the neatest thing in the mall. Flying clown fish and shark! Bill I know you don't watch videos but watch this one! Its awesome.

If I had the money we would so have bought one of these if not both! They would be so much fun to play with. I mean play with the kids with when they came over. So what you do is fill them with Helium and 4 triple A batteries and let them go! I am such a big kid but this would be so cool to have. But they cost 39.95...if I'm gonna spend that it gonna be on food. But I will save up for them oh yes I will. Coolest big kid toys ever!

So we then went to New York & Company...where I usually get really great deals on the discount rack..but today I was shopping for black pants and well it wasn't much of a deal today. SO we left there and went to Goodwill where I got 6 pair of slacks and 2 shirts for 25 bucks! Thats a deal. 4 pair of the pants was the color of the day which made them 50% off, so even better.

I made it home in time to get my hair fixed, make up on (which was a bad idea today) and dressed. I loved my outfit I will have to post a pic of that too!

I made it to my interview which well Latrice wasn't there she was running late on her lunch. But I waited which paid off! I had my interview which went well. But I was asked if I was tired, which I was my medicine had my groggy. But the mascara I used made my eyes water (its in the trash now btw) and made my eyes slightly red. So she asked if I was tired because my eyes were red...me automatically embarrassed was like no no...my eyes are red because I usually don't wear make up. I look good in make up but I prefer the natural look over doing my make up....plus I'm a bit lazy lol. She admitted she was the same way and we had a small girl moment of laughing about make up being aggravating. THen she promptly went and asked TJ when I could come back for my third interview! They  liked the fact I was real with them and not all stuffy! Woot! So Monday at 12pm I have my final interview. I know extensive right!? But I am happy.

I came home thinking I was going to have to make a grocery list and go grocery shopping so I could cook but my sweet husband all ready had dinner planned out and cooking! So no shopping for me today...I still have to tomorrow but it was nice to be able to shower and just relax a bit. SO he made this yummy spicy baked chicken (which he didn't mean to make spicy but I loved anyways), rice (which Jasmine cooked lol he still doesn't know how to work the rice cooker) and field peas with garlic sauce for the rice and chicken. It was so good I ate a whole plate plus two small helpings of rice and sauce with peas.

After dinner I decided to go snuggle to Dusty our gray cat and fell asleep! I woke up from the weirdest dream ever though. It was dealing with a tv show...where women fought on (I have no clue), then it went to a crab like alien monster machine that was firing at a couple in a delorean style car...which boosted when shot...the guy got hurt. Then the girl got out and did the horror girl scream and run..Which then went to me and Gary having a conversation about what she should do then when he suggested she climb a tree I went look...then it became me not the blonde girl running for a tree. The monster thing shot the tree in half then I looked at Gary and went see I told you not a good idea. Then the dream cycled to our house (but not our house) where I was watching a cat play.....I don't know it was a weird dream. I am never eating garlic chicken and then falling asleep ever again!

But that was teh gist of my day! So see ya guys later...

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