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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Double a tumble today....

 I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. So I got up and got ready for class. Then I go to put stuff in the car because I dressed in a long dress with low heels.....(will be the death of me one day) I find my passenger back tire was very low, so  no breakfast for me-I had to put air in my tire at oh10:30 which is my usual breakfast time. SO I ran up to Enmark and put air in my tire. :) Then made it in to my class 5 minutes late!!! Ugh! Morning traffic was crazy.So philosophy was really great this morning. We did an assessment of the philosophers we have discussed. I thought I was sol'ed but I remembered :) So yeah. We watch dead poets society-well the ending...

But the first tumble of the day happened when I was leaving class. The short stairs in West Hall will be the death of me in any shoes I wear! I fell!*****serious blush***** Then the nicest guy ever helped me up and even held my hand all the way down to a flat surface. ANd what did I do...blumber...mumber.. mutter...but I did get a thank you out. Cute guy helped me and I was ashamed for busting my butt. I think Gary would have laughed at his oh so confident wife stutter like a fruit cake. Ok may be not that bad but it was bad. So I at first didn't think I hurt anything until I started walking around and welll.....I hurt my hip on the left side. >____<

Me and Hachi went to take her and my books back to the library :) So I got to hang with my bestie! We so got a coke though at the store! WE WERE LIKE COKE! MUST HAVE COKE! so We had coke ;) and chips, slim jim and pickled sausage :)).

Now fast forward to the lessons I had to do....well heres my rap....

My name is Sandy
I’m oh so dandy
Florida born girl
Come give me a whirl
Gotta smile gotta grin
Give me a shot and i will win
Take it once take it twice
Next time i might not be nice
Yeah the girls tried to get me to rap it and I was like um NOPE. Not a rapper-I seriously can't hold a beat for anything ....

So after Hachi read it she decided to give me a whirl...well we battled it out....mainly me hanging onto everything for dear life so she couldn't spin me. Julie attempted to help...but Hachi was like whatever and continued to assault me ..... assault...lol ;))

Then she got me loose and went to swirl me but i was on the edge of the door...then I felt the chair rock back...which is dangerous since this is a rollie chair ... then without any warning all three tumbled over. Me on bottom, jasmine on the wheels...and julie well I'm not quite sure where she fell. I was staring up at the ceiling laughing and moaning because my back hurt seriously. So husband dear! MASSAGE! Please ;)

Last minute pic before we all went to bed :) Us silly girls :) But hey we love hanging out....!

Tomorrow is my interview so I will be going to sleep soon but I did promise to show the puppies in their costumes so here they are ;P

The Double Duo

Super Dog and 
Bat Dog

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