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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hola! Hello! Daily Review

Hey today was good. I woke up a little excited and antsy but i called Bill. Talking to him helped me calm down a bit. I was antsy because I had two presentations today plus my interview. :)

I think the presentation went well on the rapper I had to go over. Everyone really "digged" the music video I played. They liked my rap I made so that was good.

Me and Jasmine (Hachi for those who don't know) went to Sally's to look at hair dye. I thought about dying my hair again. Eh I think I'm going to leave it alone. I'm not sure yet though. We looked at nail polish and was like oooh...ahhh...and then realized we would be really broke if we had money lol.

So I napped today so I wouldn't look tired in my interview. I woke up at 3pm touched up my make up, fixed my hair and got ready to go. I made it there 15 minutes early. I think the interview went ok ;) I am scheduled for another interview tomorrow at 6pm so again lets keep our fingers crossed. Its only seasonal but they are hiring the best out of the seasonal workers.

Well off to study spanish and philosophy..wait no I am going to watch Bones :) I deserve it!

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