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Friday, November 25, 2011

Paper...Holidays....Sims 3...Guilty

So I've been really bad lately on my posting lol. I had a paper due in my Anthropology class and well....I worked on it for 3 days...it was due Wednesday. On top of that I've not been feeling so hot either. I really haven't wanted to do much of anything. So lets see writing my paper well that was an art form on itself because of Cry baby wanting to help moma write the paper. 
This was my notes for my paper...out of the whole bed, this was her favorite spot to lay. I figured out a method of getting to the notes I needed but still, she makes homework interesting :)

It got even worse when she decided she needed to sleep on my hand while I was typing!!

SO after the journey of paper writing Monday, I decided to relax by playing my Sims 3 :) Well I started and epidemic in the house because now everyone is on Sims :)

Tuesday.....well lets say I slept awful-so I decided no class for me since classes was optional and I had a paper to write on. But  I managed to get the paper 95% finished. I say 95% because it needed proofing and final touches added to it. Our plumber came and fixed my sink! Which made me and Jasmine so happy because we were only able to use one side of the sink which totally sucked. But Dan-Oh Dan is a GOD of plumbers! He has given us an awesome sink and before that water pressure in our shower which for a year we didn't have. Oh the small things. Thank God for answering our prayers slowly but surely!

 I kinda went on a down Tuesday-I went from being in a great mood to being bleh...it also didn't help after I took my 7pm meds I began having a bad reaction to it. About and hour or two after I began having bad spasms (which is caused by the medicine I take) then the one that scared me the most was the face spasm! It was causing my right side to jerk so bad that I was looking half way like the Joker. NOT FUN! Benadryl didn't help so I decided sleep may help. Plus praying that I wake up the next morning and the spasm in my face to be gone. 

Wednesday......good news NO SPASM when I woke up! So that made me rejoice. I really don't want the spasms because there is a warning that it could be permanent! So I called the doctor and we discussed what we should do about my medicine. I'm suppose to cut the medicine down and split the dosage I was on previously...but I am still nervous about taking the medicine. But things happen for reasons so maybe it is time for me to change my medicine perhaps something less overwhelming. So please pray for me I really want to continue feeling better but I really don't want the awful effects that come with it. 

So I invited Bill over for coffee because I felt so awful for being bleh Tuesday when he came over for coffee. So while we had our coffee time I introduced Bill to the world of Sims! He said he'd like to build a house but the game itself ... not his cup of tea...lol!

After Bill left me and Jasmine realized that it was time to make our apple pie for Turkey Day!
 This is our latticing :) Of the pie. I showed Jasmine the concept and she decided to finish it :) IT was so hard to not want to eat the pie....well the pie filling anyways lol...This is our pie in the oven ....almost finished!

After making pie we realized we hadn't had anything to eat so this was our pre Thanksgiving dinner...
Which was ham and turkey sandwich with ranch dressing and mayo! with cheese-YUM!

After the pie was finished....we had to threaten Gary when he came home at 12am to not eat the pie! But to show how good the pie actually was....this is after Turkey day dinner and post turkey day snacking...

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  1. I have a pecan pie in my house that has been incredibly good to me for post turkey day snacks :) too bad Seth doesn't like it too, I need help eating it :) :)