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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sleepy Saturday

Well today was productive and yet a lazy day. I read a total of 0 pages of my articles.....I know bad me. I've been wiped all day. It didn't help I played Sims 3 until 700am. I couldn't sleep, so I took sleeping meds that late in teh morning. I was then promptly woken up by the Terminex guy and couldn't go back to sleep. Yippie... :(

We budgeted groceries...made a grocery list and me and Gary went grocery shopping. That was a serious outing since Publix is reorganizing the store so I was totally lost on where everything was.

Made it home and we as a household put up the groceries, cleaned out the fridge and promptly cooked a big pot of chili.

I had plans for Bill to come over for coffee but since he wasn't feeling well we had to cancel. It just doesn't feel right drinking coffee without my coffee buddy.

Crybaby got a bath today......she is not happy about this at all.
Even though the house is sleepy there still is goofiness to go around lol..

Julie clueless she is being captured by the iPad.....

Continued cluelessness!

 Mwah! Thats from me to you!@ Jasmine....

Julie however is like "I'm cute and I know it!"

Jasmine strikes a vogue pose for us...both angles...

The whole time Gary is playing \Zombie Gunship on his ipod.

Who loves kitty? Serious inside joke. For the longest everytime we look Hachi would have her but in the air doing something...so we started saying "Who loves Kitty?" when she does it.

My nails ;) I was gonna add it to my last blog but I just threw them in here.

So these are a little find I found a few months back. Finally got to wear them..they look vintage but are far from it :)

Again Gary plays his game unmolested by even Athena in his lap. She loves her daddy.

 My outfit for today and yes I too was part of the silliness...

Julie striking a pose!

me and my  baby crybaby

pesti posing!

and in the words of Hachi Peace Out

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