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Monday, November 14, 2011

Good News

Well today I decided to apply for a couple of job positions that were open. One of those positions was at Sears as a cashier. :) I actually got an interview Thursday for the job. I hope all goes well and I can start asap :) We are really in the need for the extra cash.

I know I am seriously stressed about school work, money and our cars. Gary's car has a dead battery in it and we can't get one until Friday. Bleh! I hate this not being able to do what we need to. I have 3 major papers I need to write and 3 2-page response papers I need to write. Plus I need to study for exams that are coming up. So I am totally freaking. I've been having these episodes similar to anxiety attacks-I'm not sure what is bring them on but sometimes they happen from when I am asleep and I wake up to them. Which really sucks btw!

So I was trying to apply at Micheals for a cashier position but it was requiring me to do 12 pages of agree and disagree questions and I really need to get my reading done since its already getting late in the evening. I decided to jot down my day before I shut myself into the bedroom with my Roc the Mic Right book and commence to reading that. FUn...

I'm excited about my interview and hope hope hope I get the job. So for everyone who reads this: Say a little prayer to the cosmos that I get the job. It would benefit us greatly here in my little home. Car repairs could be done, groceries, pay cable bill and maybe have enough money to have a fun day once every two weeks :) I know Gary would love that!

Well off I go to become an hermit for the night-wait I have to feed the munchkin Odin first.

He loves his veggies..which right now hes being quiet. Earlier he was chirping and barking! That's my little man for me :) So some blueberries and veggie mix for him-then hermit time for me.

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