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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Productive day

Well I managed class :) That is always a great start to the day. I thought I wouldn't be in my Sociology class but my days were confused so I will be in sociology tomorrow. Fun fun.... any who.

I finally decided what to do my Anthro paper on. So I am writing about German Rap/Hip Hop. Not necessarily anything I'm too crazy over but its a topic and I really needed a topic asap.

So on top of writing up my presentation tomorrow I have to write up 8 to 10 lines of a introduction like what rappers do. I feel so educated...hmmm...wait nope I don't see the linguistic nature of introducing myself like a rapper does. I'm not from Compton and well I'm seriously white.. like poetry I can do but rhymes like Eminem does no way.

So in between my classes today I managed to eat...read for my Religions course plus get my SSN card reordered. Some how I managed to loose it changing out my wallets. The nice lady at the window asked where I was born. I was like Citrus Springs, FLorida. Which btw is totally wrong! I was born in Inverness, Fla...under a rock according to my dad lol. Thanks daddy love ya!

So I have no clue where this place is but the US Army was totally wrong about where I was born. Wonder how they got that wrong.

I even got a nap today since I managed to get a tone of reading done. I napped a little longer than planned but its ok. I was still productive tonight. I cooked dinner, got 6 articles for my paper (Which Julie is going to be so nice to print for me!), and even done my spanish homework and studied some too. ALl that is left for me to do is read some philosophy then its bedtime for me.

Ah while I was trying to do homework my cat Crybaby decided she knew the best way for things to get done. I really don't know what has gotten into her but she thinks I can do my homework with her right there...Really kitty?
She then decided laying on my arm would make things ever more productive.
Now what was my lovely roomies doing while I was getting homework done? Homework of course or were they? Nope it was Happy Feet for them. They were curled up on the couch.

Jasmine was all snuggled in watching the extras of Happy Feet. Julie had disappeared and I thought I wasn't going to get a photo of her tonight but I was wrong she came just at the right time.

Thats my Julie being all Cute : )

Where was the puppies in all of the chaos...asleep. They had their moment of hoohah and they were out. Just as Pestilence was trying to chill in the middle of the floor again-poor cat is gonna get squished one of these days.

Bath time apparently in the middle of her nap time.

Tomorrow I will have to post pics of them well the puppies in their cute costumes for Halloween! Maybe I can even snag pictures from Gary of Halloween so I can share them :) I managed to get my costume on that day for a total of 10 minutes before  me being sick kicked back in full blast.

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