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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crazy Month!...........and the rabbit trail begins

Ok It has been a while since I have posted. I know-I have had a lot of ups and down that have kept me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Money issues: totally got me stressed. But there will be good news coming then bad news....that is how life goes.

Not much has been going on here at the house, I've been doing Avon. Its going. Not as well as I would like it to. But again I am just starting out. So again if you want to place an order go to my website.

We've adopted a new kitten as of Father's Day. His name is Thor. He was claimed by Lonnie's little boy Alex. But he isn't allowed to have him at his mom's house. So we decided..well I decided I would keep the kitten for him. We had Aneissya, Jasmine (Nessa's Jasmine), and Nessa's boyfriend Austin, plus Lonnie and his kids! IT was an awesome day. Lots of video games, food and lots of fun. 

We made a picture date with the girls for this weekend-

Wow that was a while back! Today I am beginning to find a bit of time for me! OMG I have been so overwhelmed. We have had 2 car accidents in the household: Everyone is fine. One car totaled-one car fixed. The white firebird still flys! YES!

Now update...lets see:

I've started working at Applebee's on St. Augustine. Its fun a little stressing at times but I love it.

We've started back Amtgard! Which is fun. It is a really good stress reliever for me at the end of the week.

Since I've started back with Amtgard, I've started back my sewing. SO I'm either gonna bring back my Sews Barefoot blog or just put it here with my rambles! I believe I will just do that! I have two projects done. I need to place them on the mannequins and get a pic of them to post.

This is me looking very unamused at Gary lol...This is my armor and one of my fighting get ups!

School is starting back soon. I am excited and jittery all at the same time. I'm like Yes I want to start back. Then its.....will I break down again?

That is what I am afraid of. I mean the Bi-polar aspect of my life isn't as bad as it use to be but the diagnoses of borderline personality disorder scares me. A lot of what I experience is due to that, not my bi polar and so far Talk is the only remedy. Yippee!....well I found also other remedy...whack people with stick...well foamed sticks! I mean...I go out and battle out with the opposing forces on the field........ :)

It helps lol.

But lately I've been quite moody. I am not really big into change, I hate change-they say change is good for you...me ha change is my kryptonite. But I am trying to do better. I'm not quite sure what I can do but I am working on it. I've been really grumpy. Maybe its because I did the one thing I shouldn't have done-DIVED head first into everything and didn't take anytime for myself. That is what Gary tells me.

Ah update on little Thor. He has a home. He now lives with Butch and Margaret. They love him and he loves to pester them! Perfect combination.

Well that is all for now. I need to finish cooking and take a nap then work on a tutorial video for wrap pants~!

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  1. so glad you are blogging :) it's a great way to stay connected!
    I will have to come see you some time at Applebees, I love blondies!!!