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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun and Great Day

Today has been a busy day! But an enjoyable one! Jasmine and me both had our early appointments, then off to lunch together. Then to marketing Avon. I did a couple of things wrong. Found that out at my sales meeting tonight. But that's ok. I will fix that!

We went to Lakeland, found a cute shop! A to die for top! If its there next payday and I earn 20 bucks from Bill I'm gonna go get it! It is so sexy! Well, I was going to go to Hahira but then I looked at the time and wanted to get one of my other customers before she closed her shop. Plus I had a date to take Jasmine to see the spiders at Snake Pit.

Well she held a Rose Hair Tarantula-no screaming, no panicking she did well. I even held her of my own accord. We looked around and even talked of starting an aquarium at least a small one.

We went to Shirley's and dropped off her order. Browsed, I found a mask that I want! Its awesome! Its like 5.99 might work a deal out between business women via business woman. *Hmmm* :)

Jasmine got called in so eh? I went to my meeting! I was gonna go but she was just gonna be my plus 1 lol!

Tried some of the products today! Found I LOVE AVON PRODUCTS! The eye make remover is awesome! Its a lotion and it removes all makeup!

Me and Athena had to wait for the rain to pass before we could go on our walk. So it was later than we  planned. :( But we went! She loved it! All the new smells after the rain falls.

So here is my thoughts on being a new rep:

Wow, starting out as a new representative is pretty scary. Placing that first order-makes you wonder wow can I really do this? Then you get your order in-separate...they say its like Christmas. Hmmm...maybe after all the presents have been ripped apart and strewn all over. :)

I'm still delivering orders. I've only got two or three left. One is a family member who is bribing me into lunch, but I don't mind :). We've not seen each other in quite a long time. So it will be a great visit.

Now onto my first sales meeting. I was anxious, nervous, unsure-I mean I do not know these women who I should share some what of a bond with. But we open arms and many smiles I was welcomed in. I even met my over all manager, Betty Shaw. She is really great. Well, I can not forget the Avon Guy we had!

It was fun. I learned a lot from this meeting! I mean wow-I've had ideas but some of the things that was shared, I had no clue on! I mean who knew?

But I enjoyed it. I am glad that I went. I almost chickened out and stayed home. But now I have more of an idea of what to do. Now I must clean up my dining room from "Christmas" and get down to making out a plan. I have this! I will do this. There is no, "I can't!" I CAN AND I WILL!

Now for those who read, "If you are where I cannot deliver to you-we have .99$ shipping on ALL ORDERS! well except orders over $30 those have free shipping!"

So remember my shop!

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