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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Rain rain! I loved it! I almost went out and played in it. I know big kid right? Well I didn't instead I slept in a bit longer than I should. I decided to go around and collect up on the payments for my Avon today. So far only one of my clients hasn't paid that I need to pay before Thursday. And she's going out of town. Grr. Hopefully she does what I asked her too. If not I may not place the order. Because I don't want to eat a 55.00 order! I have my own stuff to do!

Had fun over at Shirley's as usual! Its a riot over there! I have a slightly busy day tomorrow. Between putting in inventory which I was suppose to do today, but didn't. To making deposits ,which is one of the reasons I needed her to pay me today.  But I will call her and see if she is still going to need the order. I mean I have to have the money or I can't place the order! Once all my deposits are made then I will place the order. 

I've had a grouchy day. I kinda bummed it too. I think a hot shower in the morning will do me well. I have good news though on top of the grumpy news! I have an interview on Friday! @ 2! I hope I get hired. I really want the job. Its a secretarial position. SO say a few prayers for me! 

I've not much to report besides my suggies need to gain weight, especially Bucket. Poor baby has lost weight. He was 5 oz now hes almost 4 oz. They need to be 5 to 6 oz. So I'm gonna get them some treats tomorrow that will help with the weight. Maybe some different fruits. Some fresh fruits see how they like that. Maybe blueberries. they like blueberries. 

Also-the chiweenie has seriously gotten on her moma's nerves today! She doesn't want to pee outside. Because its wet. I took her on a small walk and still no bathroom!@_@

So in the kennel she went and well she's just gonna have to hold it until daddy comes home! I don't know what to do. Because she won't even use the puppy pads when I lay them down. *sighs*

But that is the gist of my day lol. So I leave you with this:

"First say to yourself what you would be, then do what you have to do."
                        -Epictetus,(55~135) Greek Stoic philosopher

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