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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A little work never hurts when you get to play!

Today has been fun! I had a nice stack of laundry to iron. Gary and Jasmine also Christy were like wait until you need it or just throw it back in the dryer. It will not kill me to iron a little bit of clothes.

 The baby was quite confused why mommy wasn't paying her any mind. I was just walking around her in circles lol.

But this was the evil pile of laundry ....well half of it that was needed to be done.
As you can see Crybaby was doing her part......

Holding down the laundry! So that it wouldn't run away.

Well my breakfast.....peanut butter...HONEY ROASTED peanut butter. My favorite and a glass of tea. I know I should eat a better breakfast but I forgot and needed a quick snack.

I managed to dress well today. I managed to stay  like this all day until the walk lol. I worked on making a signature for the end of my blog. I managed to make it but....I do believe I need to tweak it a bit. So let me know what you guys think of it :)

Now I managed a little me time. Which was nice. A little music, chat with a friend online and no issues no problems-no pay me attentions or anything! All the animals were asleep (hence the no pay me attentions). :) I had a late dinner which I need to take my medicine soon. But I am looking to get my yellow table cloth sewed tomorrow.  It shouldn't take long all I need to do is cut it out and hem the edges and POOF its ready. I might go to Lowes to see if they have the colors I need for my kitchen. I am totally serious about painting it. I might even see if Bill might want to come and get all gritty with me. Shoot it would give him something to do....he's gonna hate my colors probably! But I've got such great ideas to make this house look Wonderous and I need to get it done before June. So I have a month to get what I want to do done. Why a month? Jasmine's grandparents are coming and I want the house to be in 250 % par. Color cordinated: chairs covered so that they will match things. Maybe even a pillow to go in each table. Some mats and such!

I'm multitasking and I can't sign into my BurdaStyle account! *Sad face*

AHA! Password reset YES >____<

hehehe jasmine just killed the board we have separating the kitchen so the doggie can't go do her "business in the corner"....then she promptly picks it up puts it back-looks at me and steps over...*shakes head*

My silly family!

She is my heart :) She helps me out so much. Makes my life interesting. She just came home from work and she's in there
doing dishes! So yeah no one can't say she ain't the stuff!

THese two: What can I say. They are my heart and soul when I look at them, I see so much
She is her daddy's girl. Its been a while since we've seen her. Maybe it's time we make time!

And for once I get a great pic with him not making a funny face!
Its so hard to get pics around here because I always get-no I look awful or I will break the camera.

Really? Come on people! I am almost out of ways to take pics of the animals sleeping!

So about the walk. Me and Athena went on our walk today-poor darling around 30 minutes of walking and she was like HOME. So we stopped for a moment.

So While we were stopped: PHOTO OP! Athena didn't want to sit still lol. She was like MOM ALL THE SMELLS! so i got her to rest then we finished our walk. Then home we came, and here I sit letting you guys know whats what lol!

I'm thinking about doing the instagram thing also...not sure-I downloaded it a long time ago but never used it. So I just might do that! :)


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