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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clean house always makes things better :)

Well after two days of working on laudry it is finally done! *jumps for joy* ok maybe not too much joy. I still have to put up one basket plus iron a stack of clothes. :( But its ok. Today I had a bit late start but that is because well I couldn't sleep so I was up surfing for patterns :) Hehehe YES sewing is coming up soon! So I finished up my desk area today, did a little bit more organizing in my closet.

I've started this {Pose} app and well its totally awesome.  You can keep up with your outfits and cool things that you just want to share. I think my niece Crissy would be able to rock the app. She always has interesting little outfits on. I am so trying to get back in the habit of dressing...not the BUM look lol! But its sooo much easier than getting up fighting with hair, picking out clothes and such. But I have them why not use them. Plus I have some awesome design ideas for a couple of dresses. I hope it comes to fruition but I have some tacking to do first on a couple of Goodwill finds.

I had some alone time time tonight. Jasmine had work so, I invited Bill over for a bit. Poor guy he was feeling good but not up to par for a walk. That was the original plan.  We talked a little and discussed fixing my hope chest and inserting something to use the open space in my closet between my shelves. I have an idea so once I can I will so have it fixed!

Something else I want to do is take a pic of all my stuff in the closet and create outfits on this other app I have. I don't know if it will be productive but it may be fun :)

 Well Jasmine finally got home-the me time was awesome! I found my old music player and personalized my pc a bit more to me. Now back to Jasmine poor thing came in starving! So she ate the plate I had fixed for her plus a second plate. Then we went for a small walk for the puppy. Athena LOVED IT!

 Then we both realized we wanted sweets...so I made us funnel cake.

After funnel cake its time for bed. I know sweets before bed......Splendid! I have a bit of a early day..not too early since I'm up this late but. I was dreaming of painting the house..so heres some of the things I want to do

I love this because it will brighten up the room give a bit of a color scheme that I can work with..because I am all about color!

This is a subtle but nice color coordination I was thinking to do the opposite in the butler's pantry for it.

Again brighten up the room and nothing too crazy!

I know my landlord may have a problem with the kitchen paint job but it wouldn't take much for me to repaint it white if he wished it. I mean I WANT COLOR! So I thought do one room in a week or two :) Wonder how everyone else is going to take it :)

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