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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Interesting two days

Wow! I was going to write a blog like Thursday Night! But my sister decided to stop by and visit late Thursday night. We set and talked and enjoyed each other's company. It was nice, but oh gosh I was up so late! I didn't get to sleep until 330 am. I had to shower and all. Jasmine and I were going to go on a walk to just relax. But well that got railroaded. Its OK :) It was late anyways.

Well Thursday I decided to go have a cup of "Mud" (coffee) with my best friend Bill. It was great. I took him a cup of my homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup. He loved it!  I even excused my self and said good night several times but as always, we began another topic and OFF WE GO! Talking for another hour or so.

AH Wait! I forgot about my Goodwill adventure earlier that day. I decided to go and see if I could find a table cloth for my dining room table. And I did! It was great. It brightens the room up. I will post a pic as soon as my iPad charges. I let it die. : ( While there Jasmine put her resume in the job district and I met my niece Crissy! She was bargain hunting also. It was so great to see her. We really don't get to see the family much. I know we should but by the time Gary has time off from work, he just wants to rest. I understand he works really hard all week. But maybe I can start slowly encouraging him out.

So my loot from Goodwill was a table cloth (pink), a bowl with flowers in (which is interchangable. I can add different flowers per time of year), a candle holder and a candle (which smells amazing).

Well as for my table it so doesn't look like it did Thursday night after dinner...... but instead looks like

While I am trying to write this blog I have a Crybaby lounging on my desk and using my arm as a pillow. *sighs* the joys of Kittymommiehood.....its nice though to have her like that even though sometimes it is completely and utterly annoying. Especially when she decides to lay on my laptop keys. Lots of beeps, bunk, and bonks.

Well Friday things went well I manage to get up early but not as early as I would have liked. I got my chores done, then headed to do my biweekly clean over at Bill's. I help him out with the dusting and such. He gives me great coffee! Coffee and conversation awesome. He is the ole' bachelor who is like dusting "HA I laugh at DUSTING.....isn't it suppose to be Grey?"  Me: Um no Bill its suppose to be either black, red, or even brown-not grey. *shakes head* So it works he does his laundry, dishes and other man stuff and I handle dusting, sweep and mop ;) Have to sweep and mop after dusting or the floor is just yuckie.

So last night we Gamed: ok to explain this. Its like D&D but not D&D but Palladium. Gary started a game and we've played it for about 4 sessions now. I wanted the game to end around oh 1am...yeah it ended around 3am. *sighs* then since the boys was drinking Devils Cut whiskey-after the game session conversation continued until 8am. So I got to bed around 830-9am. Slept almost all day! Which was very awful. I had laundry to do, my desk area cleaned up...I want to start sewing again so need organized area. Plus I was racking the yard. Well got up at 4pm. Awful I know-woke up and at 515 got started on the yard. Gary helped so it was done by dusk! Then it was off to MickyD's for some nuggets and a double burger! Yummy supper. Very because I did not feel like cooking! Oh I need to remember to post my meatloaf recipe. It is now officially done! No more experimenting my flavor is there,.

A hot shower and now some quality time with the husband. *waves bye* Later guys!


  1. I loved running into you, hope to see you guys again real soon

  2. Me too! I told Gary and he was like wow small world!