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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wow its been over a month!

So lets see how to sum things up. Spring break came and instead of happy and joy I had a serious burn out! UGH! I know right? Spring Break! Thats beach time...down time...no teachers time! And one major thing for me HUBBY TIME! My spring break is around our anniversary! I had a lot of stress on me and was dealing with a whole new cocktail of meds from my doctor. I believe that maybe just maybe that is partly what caused me to drop. Plus the antidepressant wasn't really being anti-depressing. I was getting more and more depressed. So I crashed...I ended up seeing the counselors at school and even met with the Psychiatrist there. He took me off the "medicine cabinet" of drugs I was on and took care of my depression!

Because of all this I had to do a medical withdrawal from classes. Which BITES! But it was and is needed because I need time to get my  head straight and get back in the game. I am trying but eh-I can only do so much ;)

So  now I see my counselor once a week. I'm back to my old doctor-after he realized oh crap this is serious-we are on a new page of low medicine and more talk. I am now just on 3 medicines for my condition plus my normal prilosec and anti-inflammatory :) I am sleeping again which is AWESOME!

I went to bed a little late last  night and I am a bit sleepy but eh-I am glad to be up :)

I've been working on my house for the past 3 days...and its still not done! lol-no not that dirty but I'm spring cleaning! Hopefully later I will have pictures of everywhere to post. My fridge on the other hand really needed to be cleaned! I was like what threw up in my fridge? No kidding it was bad and we don't have kids! Just half asleep Garys getting tea out of the fridge!  :)

Yesterday was my first attempt of making red velvet cake! YUM! It wasn't as fluffy as I wanted it to be, but its perfect. Not to rich or sweet just right.

I am hoping to post a bit more later but for now this is it. :) I have more cleaning to do. I was just running away from the bookshelf I am cleaning. Its kind of scarey in there!

Oh and I dyed my hair again!

Well I think I better get back to it :)

I will tell about my Goodwill excursion later ;) BYES!

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