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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Late posting :(( :))

Well it has been quite a couple of days since I blogged! But if you follow my facebook you have seen I've posted a couple of pictures from Tumblr. My sister has gotten me into Tumblr. Its different. But It won't prevent me from blogging here.

Lets see breakdown of the Week so far:


I had my counseling appointment. Whew waking up for that was very taxing! I was up way too late with Gary. We were playing Gears of War 3. We found a boss character that was kicking our tail! SO after my night time medicine and some snackage...chicken salad sandwich. I was ready for bed!

Monday Jasmine went to my appointment with me. It was nice to have someone to walk home with-well talk with after the appointment. I fixed us a light pasta dish to carry us over until dinner.

Then there was later that evening Lizzie and Al came by. We visited: Thor got played on the t.v. Yummy goodness! i mean the actor they have for him takes very good care of himself. Again WAY too late staying awake. But I managed a bit before I had to get up.

I had my doctors appointment with Dr. Rodriguez. He has agreed for a part time job. Which is completely and totally awesome. So now I just need to manage to get that job! Office related though. So its going to be a bit hard but I will prevail :) SO if anyone knows of somewhere that is needing a secretary or receptionist-I am their woman!

Jasmine and I had a small adventure. A young man came by looking for money to help buy his uniform to play basketball for school. We tried to help but in the end it was almost mute. We went and got some nuggets and fries (very bad dinner but oh so yummy) and watched our show Smash! Well it redeemed itself a bit with us but not much. Now we are going WTF? but trying to still enjoy it. Then Jasmine and I decided it was time to start attending church again. So we are :)

I had an appointment this morning for labs. SO after some looking up things that we needed, we crashed.

Today has been well so far-besides me being a bit sleepy. I'm not sure why but I am quite sleepy. I've had some bloodwork done, had breakfast with Bill then I went home and got Jasmine out of bed.

Once she was ready we decided to go to register at St. John's Evangelical Catholic Church. We attended Mass and well it was nice. I am sooo Rusty! But I believe a few more times of attending and I should be well caught up. I know a lot of people are quite confused with the Catholic faith. BUt my mother chose that religion and I remember enjoying it once I understood what was going on. Maybe this is the link I have been missing.

Well it is nice to be out and about but the laundry will not wash itself. Food will not cook itself. And the applications I need to fill out won't do it themselves either. So I believe it is time to head to the house. Hope to be able to update more when I get home and can see my last post!

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