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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wow what a day!

Well as everyone knows I've been working hard trying to find a job. So far no luck. But one must have patience. I've prayed about it and asked for some assistance. And what do you know, I may have 3 new customers for AVON! Awesome! I hope so. I am so going to do good at this. I just know it. I made some home made Breast Cancer Awareness Pins and some Against Domestic Abuse Pins, I placed them in the welcome packets to new customers. So that they may support the cause also.
 I've hit the road all day trying to put out my name so that maybe I can get some repeat customers. So keep in your mind and please share my link

Now something that happened Sunday. I wanted to get up early to go to Mass, but I did not manage to do so. So I decided to go to Books A Million where I decided to eat cheesecake, drink coffee and feel depressed. I know why? I haven't gotten a single call back? WHY? I'm not that bad of a worker, I'm a great worker!  But I ended up with a sale!

So that was good. 

Once I was out of the store, I was still a little down until I hear this young man singing: his name is Joey Binion. 

http://youtu.be/oc7pdPL7z2k this is where the video will be live once it loads. He has a great voice. He plays in a band at the Wooden Nickel Pub. He made my day. I smiled from that moment on. It was great!

So some prayers are answered in some of the strangest ways :) *No complaints here*

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