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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Its been a while since I posted it was my first day at work...now I've been there for about 2 weeks. Things have been crazy with finals being last week...so studying, writing the 10 page paper that I forgot about. Haha. I know how do you forget about a 10 page paper, but I did. Stressed!

I took all of my finals on Friday! All 4! But I don't know why I was so worried because I made A's in all my classes...well a "passing" in my Sociology class. At least I passed. But the problem I am having right now is I didn't get credit for the class! So I need to call the registration office tomorrow...or later today lol since its 2am!

Gary's been home the past week and will be home all this week, so he's thrown off my routine lol. But we've been enjoying each others time. A lot of the time though he's been sleeping what time we've not been playing Oblivion together. Its an xbox 360 game, we've gotten back into it! Its fun, I don't what we do if we didn't have a gaming system.

Tonight we had a "date" night planned but that got thrown off a bit when Lonnie came over. We let him stay and watch Grimm with us. We enjoyed the company.

Tomorrow I think I am gonna make some homemade bread and probably go up in the attic to look at fabric. I might sew some during the break. I think I feel the fever of sewing lol. I usually sew in the summer because I have more time but this summer I had class. So winter break sewing time! I might make pj's for my mom and some pj pants for my dad. I think they appreciate something comfy to bum around in.

I am now the only girl in the house. Me and Julie got into a fight and well I told her to leave. I know not a nice thing but my temper got the best of me. That is usually when hurtful things are said-even though I think things work out the way the do for a reason it still hurt to yell at one of my best friends. I was so hurt by what I did, but Julie said she understood my temper got the best of me. She is staying with her parents now. Jasmine is in Arizona visiting her grandparents. So its just me, the husband and the animals. I don't know what I will do with myself when Gary goes back to work.

Even though I think him going back to work is a good thing! Times are so tough for everyone it worries me that they are laying off people at his job.

Well I think that is about everything. A bit scatter brained but there lol!

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