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Monday, December 19, 2011

Who I am?....

 Well I was awake early this morning. Which was bleh because I got sick last night and didn't feel really well this morning. But around 10am I got up and got dressed. A little dressy but I thought maybe if I dressed nice I feel a bit better.
I love these shoes!
My dresser is kinda messy....eh. I got home from making my hair appointment and picking up dye Gary was awake. He laid back down around 12...at 12:30 the tv guy got here. Our tv has been acting up so we had to call in the warranty on it. He was only here for a short bit...said our board on the back needed to be changed out. So hopefully that will fix the sound issue and the lines in the screen.

After the tv guy left I decided to take a nap while Gary played video game. So I napped until it was close to go get my hair cut.

So I've been in a weird mood these past two days. I've been listening to music...and then I was like I want to change what I look like. So I went and decided to look at my wigs and see what suited my fancy.

Here's me before I put on any of my wigs...natural red hair :) I love my red hair but something just makes me want to change.
Here is where I raided Jasmine's wig... I really like this so its gonna be a seriouis maybe.

Then there is this one...I don't think I look to bad with black hair but.....I like the length but not the style..

Then I went to dreaming big! Long hair! I love the long look but....that is alot of hair! (Jasmine's again lol)

This is my medium wig...I love the length of this one ;) Its my fav wig anyways....
But this is my hair after a hair cut and a dye job! I stuck with brown...red and black was ruled out and well the pink/black wig was a def rule out lol! I love this cut :) and the hair color is awesome its a violet dark brown. I think I am gonna keep with this color for a while. It gives my skin a glow about it. I guess I'm tired of glowing in the dark. I think everyone at work is gonna be surprised!

Heres me now lol! Listening to music and chilling! Theres no one here but me so the music is a good change! 

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