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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update of late ;)

Things have been good. I've been working part-time and going to school full-time for three days now :). Classes are good I like my teachers. I have intro to sociology, sociology problems, spanish 2, women and gender studies and anthropology class. The animals are having to adjust to my schedule-so I'm not the only grumpy one lately lol.

I have some pics of Bucket from his first play day!

He used Gary as a living Jungle Gym! I wish I could have gotten the pic of him face hugging Gary! He met Pestilence and well hes cool with her. But Odin well lets say I hope their next encounter is nicer lol. Bucket tried to bite Odin's tail. As long as he wasn't aware Odin was out he was cool-but when he saw Odin he got a bit grumpy. We've been putting them near each other in pouches when we wear them out. They smell each other through the little vents. But no bad or aggressive noises. So I think things are progressing for the better! 

Tonight they got a little bit of greens and veggies but hidden amongst them is some mealies and crickets! I gave them each one as a treat...I can't get them to stop chirping! Its so awesome! I love to hear the little noises they make.

Ah here is some of their stuff I made.

This is Odin's pouch. Bucket's is camo with purple on the inside. They love 'em its their fav pouches now!

This is their little trampoline I made. I've got to trim off the cords before it goes in but so far they love their pouches I made.

 These guys are who I wake up too in the morning! What a better way to wake up to know that I'm loved by my girls! Crybaby isn't as often as Pesti...she pouts because Dusty sleeps in there with me!
Pesti is my grand baby actually...lol Crybaby is her mommy! She loves to sleep on me!

Can't you tell!
I share my bed with these two plus Dusty..sometimes Athena.....and Gary can't forget Gary!

Work is doing well. Still cashiering. Its work nothing to wild or crazy about it! Well its late and I just wanted to do a small update. I might write some more later this week. But this was just a quickie while I was thinking on it!

Its bathe and bedtime here....me and my Sociology book are gonna go get cozy until I finish reviewing the intro chapter and chapter one...wish my teach had the schedule link up...grrr...that way I would know what we were going over tomorrow!

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