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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The end is near....

Wow- its been since August since I last posted. Classes almost killed me this last semester. But hey I did well. So since I am on the school front lets see:
I managed 3 B's and 1 A. I enjoyed all my classes,my psychology the most and strangely I miss my stats class. I know weird right? Next semester I am set up for 4 classes, one of them Abnormal Psych. Excited! But if my counselor has it, I will only be taking 2-3 classes. She doesn't like it when I get overwhelmed. *secret* Neither do I.



Well I managed to finish out being chancellor for 2 terms back to back. With all the "drama" I got burned out close to the end of my reign. I really hate there are people who think it is ok to destroy someone's good name, just because they do not kiss your but or agree with everything that you say and do.(Yes there are people like this. They also believe that those who don't agree are beneath them...well they act that way anyhow)  I mean disagree with me. Fine. So what you have a mind of your own. Great-you are not part of the BORG. But neither am I and I will think and do as I choose, not as someone else tells me I should.  Right now I am Scribe and Guildmaster of Assassins and Garbers. Which is great. I mean no stress just relaxation and do what I want....which has been a lot of crafting.

In January I am going to my first Winter's Edge event, it will be midreign. I am entering a tournament called the Lizard Master....well I have all my entries but two. I think I can pump those out in the next 3 to 4 days easily, plus maybe the shirt idea I have. Oooo...I need to make Hadb a tunic. *sighs* I forgot. Oh and I am suppose to do a tutorial on how to make split pants and pants....Where is the time going?

We did a Hobbit 2 demo last Thursday. Went over great! We watched the movie and enjoyed it...left it on a good part.Can't wait until Hobbit 3. Oh yeah, I actually got a class gig for the library from doing the demo. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. That will be in March/May time frame. It will be a 4 week class 2 days per week for 2 hours. :) I'm excited!

I was challenged to make a gambeson...however my challenger has yet to give me his measurements. *poke* :) We may have to put that one off for a bit...time is wearing thin and when classes come back online ..I'm gonna be crazy busy.

Speaking of nervous- not only am I eh...about entering the Lizard Master. I put my name in the hat for Principality Prime Minister. I'm nervous because I am afraid people will think I can't do the job because I did get overwhelmed at the end of my last term. But that was because of Drama-not the job. Plus the new ORK isn't always forgiving or malleable. If you are WE and NW gives an award or such: forget it. It won't stay or it will just refuse to put the award in. No matter which browser you use or which method you use to put the award in. *grumbles.....i want the old ORK back* So cross your fingers....maybe I will get it. If not oh well there is always next time.

Well I have been bouncing off the walls until like oh 2 days ago. Yesterday I was pushing into a hypomania but crashed instead. I hate when things do that. I crashed over stupid stuff too. Today I have a massive headache, which suprises me that I'm doing this post because reading really sucks. But hey typing with your eyes closed is kinda ok..lol. Good thing I took classes on those types of things. 

Gary is home for the next couple of weeks. Which is good adn bad at the same time lol. I hope we dont' get tired of each other. We've only spent a little time together so far. I can't wait to maybe just have a time to snuggle with him. I wish he was more touch feely sometimes. I know the person of my bubble wants to snuggle. I think Garrett is wearing off on me. He's really huggy lol.

Well I think I am gonna take a nap. Maybe that will get this headache to cease and maybe then I can get some needlework done today. I have the itch to stitch!

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