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A girl who doesn't mind being a nerd. I know things that most people my age would go HUH? why ya know that? and my answer is Boredom and the ability to read and research :) I love learning new things and meeting new people so if you don't mind books..I can be an open book on some subjects but others are rare finds so it takes time to get to those subjects.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

what you want

looking into the reflection i wonder...i wonder if it truly is the light that i see....yet looking above me i see the light...it is beautifully frightening...reaching into the flame...

transmogrify my soul into the creature that waits patiently...feet hitting the ground full force...running...freedom....happiness lived briefly... corralled...forced...antsy

a gentle hand leads me...touching my neck oh so gently...leading me into the comfort of his arms...

this is what i need this is what i want..freedom yet the constraints of a loving master...someone who allow my freedom my control....yet leading me sternly on to the light...

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