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Thursday, October 25, 2012


i don't want to lock me up
i don't want to forget who i am
but the darkness has embraced me so

i want to let it go
where shall i find the light
lying here alone i cry
the emptiness within me

can you fill it
can you warm this coldness within me
am i mad
why does these voices tell me to run

why can i not fight
my sorrow overflows
tears trace the grown as i run
can i make it
will he find me

can i break free of me myself
can i defeat my worst enemy
will the demons inside me
be sated with the blood of my enemy
can i do it

to not exist
will the light burn
can i be held in the light
will there be a place for me
can i let this all go

break free of these chains
chains of woe, hate, anger
can his arms bring me solace

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