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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well here I am....

Things have been mad crazy with my disorder. New doctors, new counselors, and new medicines.....I feel a little better I still have rough days. But they are far in between- well except the funk I've been in. But I think that's just the holidays. Today is a day that I'd rather just stay in jammies and not go anywhere. But alas I have somewhere and something to do. No prob though! I'm sending a sign in sheet out to the park with +Gary Husband  and I'm staying home. I think I will start on a pouch for Bucket. All his pouches are tore up. So-I need to make more pouches for him. 

I have to get all my major projects I want done- done before the 7th of January. Classes start back and well thats going to be something. 

I am going to work on washing Bills puppies, then I have to come home and work on pouches for the boys. Then back to the grind of inputting the decks that work into my iPad.

I'm looking to get a ferret or two in January/February. But first I have to be able to block off my kitchen area. Those areas are severely non ferret proof-able. I know I have animals. But I've been wanting another ferret for a while now. My Bucket even agrees that a ferret would be fun. ;).....(bribed him with a mealie worm)

I also want to get Bucket some little tubes to see if he'd play in them. I wish he would play in those tubes like the hamsters get. I found a cage that is just under the minimum cage size for a glider-but first I need to find out if he'd even play in the tube...gliders are not burrowers but they do like pouches and such. If not then: mommy will just deck his cage out with new toys and pouches and perches just for him :) I wish I could get him a friend and they not fight. Its not good for them to be alone. But he's been alone all his life. So its stresses him to be with another glider. I know weird.

Our holidays haven't been that bad. We enjoyed our first Christmas of gifts for once lol. Now our poor tree has to be either burned or tossed by the road. 

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