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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have been tired all day... I fell asleep in the chair watching Donnie Ray play video games. I managed to get things taken care of today, but still failed to get to Ryan's marriage ceremony. Can't really call it a wedding since it was at the courthouse.

I really wish he had waited then things would be alot better. But nope they had to do it asap. So now they have and I have a new sister in law. Fun fun :)

Today I made the boys mad..Zeus more upset than anything. He gets really scared so Ihave to be gentle and careful with him. I need to watch a few more of the vids to see what all I should do with the boys. I bought them some more papaya but they need to experience completely different fruits so that way they won't eat just one thing and then become lax on nutrients.

Gosh I am tired. Its 10:14pm and I am tired just not sleepy.

I took a small cat nap until I was woken up by my BF's husband telling me she was in teh hospital. So tomorrow I need to go visit her and see how she is doing.

I feel so bad for Bill, I know this is tearing him apart. Melba has been his whole world you know.

Well I need to pick up stuff in the house...take out trash...sweep and straighten up so that way I don't have to do it this weekend.


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