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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Interwebz down

Grr... sometimes I really dispise Mediacom....
But any hoos....We managed to get Anieyssa which is awesome. We've had her since after Christmas. She loved her gifts we got her. I wish she could stay with us more often. But well that depends on her mother. She asked (Anieyssa) did I know that her mom had full custody of her. I said yes I did and she then asked did I know why? I couldn't answer except that maybe at the time her parents split her daddy didn't think he could take care of her.

Zombie has been here with me which has been nice. I mean I am not by myself but I enjoy not being by myself.

Gary got me a necklace for Christmas...I LOVE IT. He also got me Dragon Age: Origins. I love it the game is pretty intense.

I finally got the house cleaned up today. I fixed us pancakes and sausage/bacon for brunch. So now everyone is very full and stuffed. I had to make Gary feel guilty to get him up to help. *sighs* sometimes I wonder about my loving husband.

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