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Friday, December 18, 2009

false alarm

Well its raining outside and the weather has pushed my cold a bit into full blown annoyance mode today. Headache, stuffy head, and just plain icky. My plans today was to do errands but this rain really makes me want to stay home and not go out. Bleh...its after lunch and I wish Gary was awake.

I took some medicine and its helped but i still feel icky. So I guess Nyquil regiment again. Great. I hate getting sick. Well I've set here long enough trying to figure out what I am gonna do. My house needs cleaning so I guess I should un-macreme my but from the chair.

Mum and the boys haven't made it from KY yet. They got stuck by the rain. Silly rain....ah but we need it so no biggie.

Its just now gonna be miserable for the next few days. You just have to love good ole' GA weather.

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