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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Things have been great today. I decided to sleep in and that was a great idea. I have spent time with Gary and Donald. I've cooked a good bit of my day. I decided to go ahead and fix up extra greens so that way I will have them for other meals and won't have to cook as much.

I fixed a pork loin, greens, rice and fresh tomatoes (which will be frozen when we are done if theres any left)

Yesterday I found out Melba was carried to the hospital and things are bad but not awful. I went up and visited her. Shes ok for a bit but then after a 15 minutes she starts slipping again. I love her so i will go back up there. I hate that she is in the state she is. She has always been a strong woman and to see her down on her luck as she is...is very heart breaking.

She has always been like a mom too me and a best friend. I am afraid this will be the last Christmas we will have her. Which is awful because she is and has been family for so long. I don't know how I will handle her passing. I am hoping better than I expect. But you can never tell what your heart will do.

Donald and Gary are playing Special Ops on COD. Its neat to watch them lol.

Oh I died my hair today. Which is awesome. I will post a vid to show my hair.

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