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Monday, January 4, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Well last night I found a site with a lot no sew stuff for the boys so I picked out some and made them. Julie came by early today and threw her clothes in the wash so off we went to the store!

I found some fleece on a good deal-Hobby Lobby of all places. Ha...finally went in and didn't walk out broke! We went to Good Will but we both realized we have too broad of shoulders for the jackets that they had in there.. Grr...

We did find me a brown coat.. I got it for 3 bucks! that was a good deal. We looked for toys for the boys...and instead we found this really big ....stuffed....big foot...that is all we can figure it was.

Then we were starving so MceyD's it was. I got chicken nuggets and she got chicken selects...we were laughing because the people up there was about to slap this lady who kept bringing her order back up. We were like damn it can't keep being wrong. It turned out they had double "cheese" burgers... why weren't there two pieces of cheese.. I'm like ick! I would be like damn its a cheese burger lady back off! But no luck. We ate then went to the bank then headed out to come home and play with the fleece.

I made the boys 2 pouches (bonding), one inside pouch, 2 walking chains, and a corner hammock. They haven't decided to come out to play on their new toys but I do have videos showing how everything was made and such! Soon to be up!

Got to talk to my friend Matt today and THEN,...I got company-Julie, STEPHANIE(who is home), and Perry! THey are now sitting on my couch on playing map my mind on my ipod.

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