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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kentucky trip

Well things went well on the drive to KY. Moma drove a bit and I drove a bit and it was nice. The
mountains are very beautiful. It makes me nostalgic of teh time we spent in TN when I was younger. But its ok thou, I'm still a GA girl...NO SNOW!

A disturbing thing was when we were leaving to go get food the sign outside the gate said, "29 days since our last vehicle fatality"....ummmm yeah Really don't feel safe anymore!

I know its not that big of a deal but omg..fatality? WTF is going on ya know!

Well we had KFC.....it was good.. A bit of more flavor than what I eat in V-town. But it coulda just been i was hungry.

But here is a quick synapsis of my morning before KY (minus the movie part lol)

did you see the trailer for the new movie LEGION
Zombie: which one isthat? with the icecream man?
Tink: oh yeah i put my mom's truck in the ditch at like 6am today
Tink: um...not as I know of ...it comes out in theatres friday.. has this little old lady who tells this woman her baby is gonna burn then eats a man's face and crawls up the wall trying to kill everyone....made me think really different about our senior citizens
Zombie: ya, there is an icecream man in that one
Zombie: I want to see it
Zombie: And how did youditch the truck, and did itsurvive?
Tink: yes it survived.. the freaking fog was so fucking thick this morning I couldn't see and missed momas and daddy's house
Tink: i pulled into a drive way to turn around and well.....when I was backing out i caught soft dirt that slid my front passenger tire down and broke traction on the back so I couldn't rock it out
Zombie: wow
Tink: daddy and ty came daddy gave it a tug broke the rope but it was enough to give the truck traction and it was out ... so nostalgic of the days of pulling out ppl at the dam *G*
Tink: yeah i was like um moma daddy is so gonna kill me...even thou it was ty's truck technically daddy freaks about those kind of things
Tink: i got picked on all morning.. keep it between the white lines... lol I was like kiss my ass all of you!

OK now that is over lol! For those who do not know I am very blind at night so when you add fog...I am seriously screwed! When I felt the truck slip I was like *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

My dad gives me a hard time alot about my 2 accidents he knows of....1: I hydroplaned...can't control that.... 2: my front tire blew out on I75 so again can't control...tire was defective on teh inside

So yeah that is my day.

I miss my boys... Lynx...Zeus....Odin... GARY....and my Zombie..and yes girls you too! Crybaby, Sheba..and Jazz....and my YODA...


  1. I don't know about you, but I would rather have the snow than the rain.... Campus is flooding again.

    Yay, now I am a star! I am on the interwebs!

    Missing you too, but hope you are having fun with the family!


  2. Yeah...I had some interesting convos...Unfort. I can't share.. what happens in KY stays in KY