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A girl who doesn't mind being a nerd. I know things that most people my age would go HUH? why ya know that? and my answer is Boredom and the ability to read and research :) I love learning new things and meeting new people so if you don't mind books..I can be an open book on some subjects but others are rare finds so it takes time to get to those subjects.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

my car died

Well today heading to Melba and Bills the car decided to stop working, it stopped right at the stop sign going there. I was like GREAT this is all i freaking need!

Bill looked at it and was like um oil in the 3rd chamber. So you pull the spark plug oil is there.

Melba is doing pretty bad, she mumbles about nothing and everything. I love her and it kills me to see her this way but what else can I do? Not see her? Thats not an option. She is still Melba even when her mind isn't hers.

I got to go..mom is calling..

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