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Thursday, January 7, 2010

crazy boys

Me and Zombie had lunch....it was awesome..he was sooo worried about me seeing his room. Silly boy....Guess hes afraid I will clean it up lol.

I checked out the student union. It was awesome. No food open there yet...they open Saturday.

I hung out with Mike and Rick and I ended up with people crashing at my place. It was nice. We chilled in Ricks room and joked around about random events. We ate at Palms then decided to head back. (Me, Mike, Terry?, Ian and Rick) On the way up to ricks room we ran into Brian and his girl :)

Mike was terrorizing us with his new bubbles...Bubbles...of all things and not normal bubbles either! Sticky plastic bubbles...they were cool thou lol..

I got a new sticker from mike. I like it.. i put it on my lap top :)

I wore my cloak to campus and everyone was like "OMG ITS A CLOAK" look. I am like..grr..it keeps me warm freek off ok! I likes my cloak.

Well after we were bored..we made it back home. Ian and Rick had jello shooters and rum balls. Lets say Rick felt good and Ian ended up with a Tuesday imprint on his forehead!

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