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Monday, January 18, 2010

Movie Reviews

Ok Saturday Gary and I watch movies-our movie night and date :) But lets get back to the movies shall we?

9 (not district 9 or the musical Nine)
This was a good movie. It was originally from a short film by Shane Acker. This little movie shows the worries of machine and mankind. What if machine could think? How could we instill humanity? The failure was that humanity did not exist in the brain machine. There are 9 little rag dolls made and within them is humanity. This shows their struggles and how they exist in an apocalyptic world. A definite family movie.

one word.... AWESOME!
This awe inspiring movie ranks #1 in my movie watching. I believe they went far and beyond what we expect out of movies. You fall in love with the characters, especially the Navi and their forest. You learn to see things in a different light through this movie. I would recommend this to be a perfect date movie. My husband and I loved this movie. I know I didn't want it to end...I hoped for it to continue but alas all great things must end...and it did with a terrific ending.

Cameron make AVATAR 2!

The Fast and Furious
Great movie...it brought all the characters back together. And as always gave us a great fast driving adrenaline pumping movie.

Sherlock Holmes
Ok for you Sherlock fans-get ready for a new twist on Sherlock's personality. Robert Downey Jr does an awesome job and has again instilled Sherlock as my hero. Jude Law doesn't do a bad Watson ever. This duo needs to remain togther for all the sherlocks to come!

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  1. I liked avatar as well. THe effects were pretty good in the environment, and amazing on the Na'Vi. The facial mimicry software was impressive, they moved naturally and smoothly. I was really impressed with the neural net idea of the entire world. I would love to see that idea explored more. Although, it was hard to distinguish this plot from that of Pocohantos.