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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thinking of me dad

I'm sitting here listening to Ozzy Osborne: Goodbye to Romance and all I can think of is my daddy. I guess being a daddy's girl isn't a bad thing. I've always been daddy's girl-when I was younger we would lay on the hood of my daddy's truck and look at the stars. I remembered that today while in astronomy class. As I got older I use to question if my daddy loved me because we always fought-now that I am older I know my daddy loved me then and he loves me now.

I remember following him along the river banks to go fishing-he thought I hated it. I didn't I loved it. Moma showed me how to be a priss lol. The primping, dressing remotely like a girl-but nothing could replace the fishing with daddy.

:) Now daddy isn't able to go and do things like that. Sometimes I wish I could bring the fishing to him. But I can't sadly. I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. I've not seen them in a few days. Especially since school has started.

There are so many tales i could put down in my blog. But sometimes I wonder if I should write them or tell them via video. I think video but I need and actual audience to tell the tale to. Its hard looking in the camera and talking to a computer....the stories seem to lose something when I do that. So maybe soon i can tell a tale or two for you guys. Maybe Zombie will stop in with me and let me tell him the story lol. So we will see what he saids.

I moved the boys in here with me so they can stay warm. I worry about them getting cold and getting sick. I worry alot lol...sometimes too much.

Ah well I will be editing material from the Opera this weekend and getting it up on the blog. So that you all can see what I was subjected to. I mean gosh-they ripped the poor opera apart...sadly it did no justice to what it represented. But that is for another day.

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