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Friday, January 15, 2010


Well its Friday and it has been an ta-awesome day! Me and Gary went to get breakfast, and then some thrift shopping. We found a vid camera for really cheap and some movies we didn't have in our collection.

Things was funny at the Thrift shop, Jaks Attic. There was a little girl kitty there who was VERY friendly! I mean friendly she would jump up on you and just chill out on your shoulder. it was cool. I told Gary we weren't bringing another kitty home! No way we have too many!

Then we went to Snake Pit and I found a Veiled Chameleon and I wanted it SOOOO bad! But nope we can't afford another animal atm. Plus we have no room. We need to get the boys a bigger cage and well we are already looking if we might be able to do a bigger cage or not.

Sighs....I am outtie for now we have to go to my parents and get the truck :)


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